1. The Ground Is Lava

    Photos by Andrew Wells

  2. The Hundred Acre Woods

    Photos by Andrew Wells

  3. Muscle & Bone

    Photos by Andrew Wells


  4. meridianohio:


  5. Arliss Nancy

  6. The Public


  7. Traveling to some places and doing a bit of work in the coming month. I want to make my schedule look like this consistently. Come find me if you’re out there!

    8/15-17 - Chicago, IL for good buddy hangs and finally seeing Paint It Black
    8/29- 9/1 - Columbus, IL for Fashion Meets Music Festival
    9/6 - Cleveland, Ohio shooting a wedding. This doesn’t count.
    9/7-9/11 - Syracuse, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit with Modern Baseball
    9/12-14 - Chicago and Riot Fest… Maybe?

    PS. I’m booking shoots and light design projects to help my coffee and food fund while I’m on the road. Email me and let’s work together. hello@andeewells.com

  8. American Werewolves

    Photos by Andrew Wells

  9. Wreak Havoc (Reunion)

    Photos by Andrew Wells

  10. andeewells:

    Come to this show please.

    Friday! Come out and see some fantastic bands playing music for you.

  11. conceptualizing loneliness 

  12. Annabel

    Photo by Andrew Wells

  13. The Early November

    Photos by Andrew Wells
    Shot for BravoArtist.com

  14. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)

    Photos by Andrew Wells
    Shot for BravoArtist.com