1. conceptualizing loneliness 

  2. Annabel

    Photo by Andrew Wells

  3. The Early November

    Photos by Andrew Wells
    Shot for BravoArtist.com

  4. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)

    Photos by Andrew Wells
    Shot for BravoArtist.com

  5. Come to this show please.


  6. I will have moved to Cleveland a year ago in a few days. I was a sad, unemployed asshole when I moved up here, but then I got a job… and then eventually another job, and another job. I worked hard and I paid some debts off. I bought a few photo tools, I ate and drank well, and I finally got myself back to where I should have been all along. I’ve been working two jobs since November, and on Sunday I will be working my last shift in food service for the foreseeable future. I work for a great company that inspires me and understands what I’m working towards. The hours are great and I receive the respect and responsibilities that I don’t get cleaning up after people as a back-waiter in a restaurant. With the closing of the food service chapter, and with my nights and weekends free, I will be forging ahead on working harder than ever on my photography and creative passions. I have some film projects in the works, a couple of weddings booked, a music festival, and a five day tour into Canada with three amazing bands (one of which is one of my all time favorites!) to look forward to. I plan on continuing to shoot shows, and hope to be able to shoot more portraits of bands, people, and animals. Maybe more creative, non portraiture work as well? All in all, a year after the worst year of my life, I find myself in the best year of my life. 

    Making positive changes for yourself, working towards being the person you want to be, and doing what you want to do is fucking awesome.

  7. My Mouth Is The Speaker

    Photos by Andrew Wells
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  8. Gates

    Photos by Andrew Wells
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  9. Pentimento

    Photos by Andrew Wells
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  10. Have Mercy

    Photos by Andrew Wells
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  11. The Hundred Acre Woods Announce Summer Tour



    The Hundred Acre Woods are headed out on a summer tour starting this week. Check out the dates below after the jump.

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    After a year of living in Cleveland I finally booked a show. Come hang out!

    Muscle & Bone
    The Hundred Acre Woods
    & More

    August 8 @ Club Atlantis / Now That’s Class 
    $7 / 7PM

    Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/614923458624260/

  12. Silver Snakes

    Photos by Andrew Wells

  13. Taco Bell, 2009

  14. Taco Bell, 2007