Shortly after the release of Full Collapse in April, 2001, I fell in love with a band called Thursday. At the time I was a fat nu-metal kid with really baggy jeans and braided hair and my favorite band was KoRn. Thanks to MusicChoice, I found out about a band called Thursday. Soon after, I was able to see Thursday perform at a small club in Kent, Ohio called The Avenue. This was the seminal show of my life **fucking DROWNINGMAN, Waterdown (Germany), and Kobie (featuring current members of Worship This! also played!). It was the first time seeing a band whose music made me feel something I had never felt before as well as the first time I was at a show with a camera. I even interviewed Geoff for my Angelfire hosted webzine! In that interview Geoff spoke about the film Requiem For  A Dream, Fugazi, Refused, and basement shows in New Brunswick, NJ. It’s pretty clear now how much of an impact that guy had on my life. That cassette tape is quite hilarious to listen to.

    In honor of the ten year anniversary of their fantastic album “War All The Time”, here are a few photos I took that night, over twelve years ago. 

    Thank you, Geoff.

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    this rules
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    yes!!! i was there too, so glad you have some pictures from that night!
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    Such a good band. Such a good album. Long live Thursday.
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