1. Torchlight Parades (2008)

  2. Finally got to taking photos of the layout I did for Torchlight Parades. Check it out and pick up a copy off of their Bandcamp!

  3. Here’s another website that I recently launched for my friends in Torchlight Parades. It’s a customized Flavors.me Pro site based off of the artwork I did for their new record, “Catatonia.”

    Flavors is a really great tool for aggregating all of your social networks in to one easy to navigate place. I find it to be the perfect solution for bands who don’t want to spend a lot of time updating their website along with everything else they have going on.

    Check out their website at www.torchlightparades.com

    Get at me if you would like help getting your band or brand online! hello@andeewells.com

    *as an added bonus, there are two photos that I took of Darron and Matt, along with the new record art, and the artwork I did four years ago for their demo. Blasts from the past.